IOT has witnessed gains in consumer applications (household, wearables, etc.); however, gains in industrial applications have been massive (e.g. precision agriculture, health care, oil and gas, logistics and manufacturing). Large-scale convergence between global cloud providers and IoT platform as a service will accelerate. Endpoint security and distributed, almost autonomous, agents will propel growth in distributed architectures. Big data analytics will provide hub based intelligence and real-time operations.


Emerging from finance and security applications, Blockchain is revolutionizing pervasive computing systems such as Industrial Control Systems, Industrial IoT, and RTLS platforms. Blockchain now identifies, secures, manages and authenticates widely distributed and diverse endpoints, transactions and data sets. Harnessing this power into cloud platforms allows for easy orchestration, deployment and operation.


Software as a Service is the staple approach for corporate application services for everything from finance, HR, travel, to productivity. Platforms for managing logistics, RTLS, cybersecurity, identity management, and industrial/manufacturing controls are now expected to be offered in a hassle-free SaaS framework that allows firms to buy as little or as much capability as their organizations need.

Big Data

Data warehouses have yielded to big data, data pools, data lakes, and ultimately for computing. Interconnected devices, instrumented business processes, and myriad sensors generate immense quantities of data. Adaptable data architectures now ensure objective collection, channeling and analysis of content and data without the problems of centralization with virtually no limit to growth in data volumes.


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Artificial Intelligence

2019 and beyond will usher in the full-on convergence between AI and ML (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) and widespread automation. Already, AI has transformed complex activities such as driving, clinical diagnosis, and more. The convergence of simple autonomous agents (digital assistants, physical access devices, building controls, client computers, etc.) with increasingly more available AI platforms will spread process and business automation beyond large enterprises to mid-tier and small businesses and agencies.