Shipcom has a proven history of working with federal organizations and providing the necessary technology and applications to improve asset visibility and save taxpayer money. With more than 15 years of industry experience and development of a robust product lineup, Shipcom can help government agencies improve their processes, meet compliance, and audit requirements.

Our capabilities stem from our knowledge of automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) technologies like barcode, radio frequency identification (RFID), real-time location systems (RTLS), and GPS, as well as our industry leading middleware CATAMARAN®, which has enabled us to successfully deliver complex federal solutions.

CATAMARAN®, a secure application that drives cost saving and process improvement, is the heart of a Shipcom solution. CATAMARAN® complies with federal data security and encryption standards, safeguarding the transfer of secure data across organizations and building an information audit trail. It can handle secure transactions of high- value data, financial information, and business information spanning multiple government databases, as well as geographical and organizational boundaries. All transactional data gathered can be stored on the federal cloud, locally, or on site in compliance with federal requirement.

Automatic identification and data capture (AIDC)

  • Provide supply chain enterprise solutions to support and improve the warfighter logistics and total asset visibility (TAV) management across the suite of enabling technologies such as barcode, RFID, RTLS, and GPS
  • Support the identification of common assets and integration of current record systems
  • Improve visibility of information and assets throughout the DOD supply chain – including quality of data, accuracy, and efficiency cycle times
  • Provide total asset visibility (TAV) support via CATAMARAN®.

As a supervening benefit, valuable time and taxpayer money are saved, while allowing Shipcom to have the proud distinction of serving the nation’s needs.

ITV technology: one solution for all tracking technologies

Solution Barcode Passive RFID Active RFID GPS Shipcom
Asset/Item Identification
Container Id
Asset/Item in Container Vis
In-transit Visibility
Facility Level Visibility
Bin Level Visibility
On-board Manifest/
Shipment Creation

Integrated Supply Chain Management

Shipcom provides automated, near real-time accurate data collection, aggregation, and retrieval.


Many RFID applications in the manufacturing sector have been driven by external mandates set by the DoD.

Warehouse Management

Shipcom’s solution supports the automation of warehouse management logistics nodes with manufacturers

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO)

The end state for the DoD supply chain will be a fully integrated adaptive entity that leverages enabling technologies.

Integrated Supply Chain Management

Shipcom provides automated, near real-time accurate data collection, aggregation, and retrieval. Shipcom’s data collection solution leverages cutting-edge wireless mesh-networking protocol, RFID, RTLS, GPS, and sensors to enable continuous, near real-time contact with DoD assets throughout the distribution enterprise from beginning to end of the supply chain, including storage.


  • 20-40% increase in personnel confidence in the reliability of DoD supply chain
  • 25-50% reduction in total supply chain costs
  • 25-60% reduction in inventory management
  • 30-50% improvement in cycle times


Many RFID applications in the manufacturing sector have been driven by external mandates set by the DoD. However, there are still plenty of opportunities available through “internal integration” to utilize RFID not only to satisfy the mandate, but to enhance operations as well. This includes active, passive, and semi-passive RFID technologies as well as other real-time locating technologies for indoor and outdoor positioning systems.

Organizations are now realizing the true value of a location technology that can provide real-time visibility of any object on the shop floor to internal information systems. Tracking tools, fixtures, pallets or even product assembly can all be accomplished in real-time. Product assembly information can be tracked and recorded into a tag as the item progresses along the assembly line. Other functions of the technology enable field personnel to quickly identify product features, date of manufacture, revision levels, and much more. Manufacturers can locate WIP carriers, containers, and material to significantly increase their production throughput, improve labor efficiency, reduce scrap, and increase quality.

Organizations can quickly and efficiently track production activity and trace part histories by utilizing our passive, active, and semi-passive supply chain and by accessing control and asset management solutions for the manufacturing industry. Our solutions provide organizations with a single accurate view of manufacturing processes and warehouse operations, enabling optimization of production capacity from raw materials through the final product.


  • Receive total asset visibility for all manufacturing facilities and assembly areas to support total life cycle management
  • Gain visibility of the location of materials and parts throughout depot warehouses and production processes
  • Support value stream mapping and analysis (VSMAD), project and program management (PPM) and demand-driven scheduling (DDS)
  • Shorten the manufacturing cycle by making sure parts, kits, and subcomponents are in the right place at the right time – including repair, return, and replacement process
  • Improve process efficiency of shipping, receiving, and inventory management
  • Synchronize and track parts and materials delivery with Defense distribution centers to supply depots/theater distribution centers vis-a-vis stock replenishment movement and consumption
  • Tighten inventory accuracy and receive better cost control
  • Collect reports and quickly access materials, master schedules, parts, quality, and other information required for compliance reporting and improving metrics

Warehouse Management

Shipcom’s solution supports the automation of warehouse management logistics nodes with manufacturers and suppliers for defense distribution centers, as well as stock replenishment using barcode, RFID, and RTLS technologies. The need to manage the movement of material across the streamlined manufacturing supply chain and through various stages of ownership is a primary determining factor for our solution. Collecting, managing, and interpreting this movement and securely handling the inventory are the fundamental processes necessary to achieve end-to-end management of the DoD supply chain.

When mobility is extended throughout the warehouse, a new level of efficiency, accuracy, and visibility is achievable. Paper processes are replaced by real-time computerized forms on mobile computers; bar code scanning enables checks and double checks that the right item is being picked, packed, and shipped; and RFID provides automatic tracking of materials without human intervention.

Our solution offers cost-efficient management by providing a centralized command center that significantly reduces the time and effort required to provision, monitor, troubleshoot, and update your mobile devices and infrastructure, regardless of where they are located. Support for all the latest security protocols and an end-to-end layered strategy enables you to deploy the right level of security for various applications throughout your enterprise.

Supply Chain Management (SCM) Applications

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO)

The end state for the DoD supply chain will be a fully integrated adaptive entity that leverages enabling technologies and advanced management information systems in order to automate routine functions and achieve accurate and timely in transit, in storage, and in repair asset visibility, with minimal human intervention. Shipcom’s maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) RFID solution is a foundational technology on the path to achieving this vision by improving visibility of information and assets throughout the DoD supply chain. All critical components – date of manufacturers/suppliers for stock replenishment, part number, lots, locate tools, repairs and modifications, checklist/history log, and cycle times – are recorded and integrated to increase personnel confidence in the reliability of the supply chain.


  • Increased supply chain velocity and end user satisfaction
  • Improved process efficiency of shipping, receiving, and inventory management
  • Optimized inventory and lower operating costs
  • Improved aircraft configuration control though increased accuracy of the known "as-delivered" configuration
  • Reduced ownership costs and A/C inventories
  • Reliable part traceability
  • Reduced internal processing and cycle time for resolving service-related problems
  • Improved accuracy of information exchanged between end users and suppliers

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

Integrated service network – VISN 10 RTLS

In September 2011, Shipcom Wireless was awarded a $22.6 million contract for the implementation of a design build real -time locating system (RTLS) as a core member of team Vet-Fed, for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

The key features of our work with the program include:

  • Improvement and integration of services across the VA to increase reliability, speed, and accuracy of delivery
  • Real-time visibility of assets and patients
  • Design and implementation of an RTLS initiative to enable the VA to centralize databases to allow data-sharing across VA facilities
  • Improvement of operational efficiency
  • Improvement of the VA’s ability to adjust capacity dynamically in order to meet changing needs, including emergency preparedness

Program statistics


Medical Centers


Million Square Feet


Surgical Equipment


Cardiac Catheterization Lab


Passive RFID Portals



Asset Tracking




Passive RFID


Staff Monitoring

Workflow Management

Patient Containment

Deployment sites

United States Air Force Keesler Base

Comprehensive tracking of assets, medication, and patients

Shipcom was selected to implement the USAF Surgeon General’s project for multiple automatic identification and data collection (AIDC) technologies at the military treatment facility on Keesler Base. The Shipcom system is the only RTLS system to receive the DoD’s IT security certification (DIACAP) to date.


  • Location tracking for mobile assets
  • Reduction of search time for bio-med and nurses
  • Reduction of asset shrinkage
  • Improvement of preventive maintenance compliance
  • Development and monitoring at the inventory level
  • Increased asset utilization
  • Increased productivity of caregivers
  • JCAHO compliance
  • Increased patient safety
  • Sterile supply technician training

NAVSEA US Navy Spare Parts Program

RFID/GPS logistics automation and global in-transit visibility

Shipcom Wireless has deployed an RFID and RTLS hardware and software system for ICS Marine to support the automation of spare part management using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology.

The RFID-based system was used to track $22 million of equipment from Louisiana to Iraq. This system provided close to $1.7 million in savings by reducing lost parts and providing inventory location, and added security.


  • Worldwide item-level tracking and tracing
  • Chain of custody tracking in real-time with the CATAMARAN® VERT system
  • Real-time visibility with on-demand video feed, alerts, and movement history
  • Container and fleet management
  • Improved security
  • Improved system responsiveness
  • Improved end-to-end supply chain activities
  • Increased accuracy
  • Reduced inventory shrinkage and loss
  • Increased ROI with better planning models and strategies