Our Supply Chain Experience

The COVID-19 pandemic is a public health crisis unprecedented in modern history, and the resulting economic dislocation has caused financial distress across supply chains worldwide. We bring 22 years of supply chain and logistics expertise which can effectively handle the COVID-19 Pandemic. Our proven commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) product, Catamaran Nextgen, that has been deployed to 400- plus Federal & and Commercial sites in 23 countries.

Catamaran NextGen has successfully integrated with both commercial enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and Legacy applications like SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft, JD Edwards, Manhattan Associates, Maximo, the Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA)’s VistA, Automated Engineering Management System-Medical Equipment Reporting System (AEMS/MERS), Department of Defense (DoD) Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support (DMLSS), Global Command and Control System - Marine Corps (GCCS-MC) etc.

Catamaran NextGen is stable software built on a proven platform. It is designed from the ground up to support supply chain functions. Workflow steps for staff map to Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model. Our workflows are based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

We have completed projects that included designing storeroom layouts, choice of storage and bins, labelling, warehouse and logistics workflows, in-transit visibility, proof of delivery, chain of custody, audit trails, interfacing with material handling equipment (MHE), Interfacing with financial and inventory systems, mobile computing & automated data collection, sensors and many others.

Department of Veterans Affairs – Medical Supplies -
Supply Chain Automation

Shipcom was awarded a $275M contract in 2013 to modernize the VA MedSurge (Medical & Surgical supplies) Supply Chain. The project involved multiple hospitals and within each hospital a main storeroom and between 30-70 secondary inventory locations. Our solution based on Catamaran was a combination of processes, technology and solutions that improved end-to- end supply chain management practices from ordering, receiving, distribution point, Periodic Automatic Replenishment (PAR) level management and replenishment.

We started the project by cleansing the data and organizing the main storeroom and each of the secondary storerooms with color coded groupings based on categories. The inventory was stored in its groups, operators had a visual kiosk to search for parts, and all necessary equipment (weight- based bins, Kanban racks, Kiosks, Overhead monitors, mobile computers were installed and connected to Catamaran. Catamaran’s predictive analytic tools and business intelligence significantly reduced the consumption and footprint while improving responsiveness and efficiency of the supply chain.

Harris Health Systems – Safe Transportation of Medical Supplies

Harris Health System faced a unique set of challenges for maintaining total visibility of the patient medical samples, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment. These items needed to be transported daily in refrigerated vehicles between clinics, hospitals and testing facilities.

Shipcom provided HHS an application to empower them to monitor, track, and trace refrigerated vehicles and 250+ insulated transport containers.

The purpose of this solution (both software and hardware) was to assist Harris Health with tracking and trending the temperature and humidity of patient medical samples, pharmaceuticals and medical devices transported by HHS staff within HHS vehicles and insulated containers. The solution also trended and analyzed the operational status of the HVAC equipment attached to the vehicles. Operation of doors used to access the refrigerated spaces were tracked and trended to develop access methods, which reduced the impact of outdoor temperatures. Shipcom was able to supplement the environment data with GPS locations of the vehicles when they were enroute to provide a full chain of custody Additionally, drivers were provided with a mobile application to simplify route selections and receive alarms/alerts for their daily runs.

FEMA – First Responder Support

FEMA uses this contract vehicle to stage responders, other authorized personnel, and assets deployed for occurrences, or events, requiring a Federal Government response. During CONUS disaster situations or other events, Federal, State and local responders may need a place that provides shelter, food, medical, security and additional basic needs. The CONUS RSC contract will be used by those responding to Federal disaster or emergency needs, or any other situation where FEMA or an agency working through FEMA needs a CONUS RSC solution.

Shipcom offers FEMA a full spectrum of critical support services designed for rapid deployment and self-sustaining operations in response to national emergencies. Our preparation and support for both FEMA’s CONUS and OCONUS Responder Support Camp (RSC) program delivers FEMA a prepared and responsive partner to assist FEMA in its mission to support U.S. citizens and first responders build, sustain and improve our nation’s capability to prepare for, respond to, and recover from national emergencies and disasters

Products and Supplies available for purchase for the COVID-19 Pandemic

Shipcom has launched a Covid-19 Response Team to help the Federal government response to the pandemic. As a CONUS Responder Support Camp(s) (CONUS RSC) contract holder we are prepared to support the staging of responders, other authorized personnel, and assets. Shipcom has a mix of asset tracking technology and mobile support units to help with the response.

We can track all inbound and fielded assets – be it people, medical supplies, mobile hospital and support camps.We also provide an uninterrupted supply chain through our procurement and delivery tracking system to ensure you receive consumable medical items, equipment and devices. Finally, Shipcom and our partners have the field hospitals/support camps ready to deploy immediately. Part of this camp solution includes our IoT devices that use thermal scanners to track people with fevers. We can scale from a 10-bed solution into the hundreds, as it is modular. This was used during the Haiti FEMA response. Here is a list of consumable items that can be procured from us:

Here is a list of consumable items that can be procured from us:
List of Products
List of Products
22 Products
22 Products
Medical Mask
5-8 Days
3ply Medical Masks (FDA APPROVED)
Qty 30,00,000
Model N/A
Infrared Forehead Thermometer
10 Days
Certified CE, FDA Infrared Forehead Thermometer
Qty 30,00,000
Model GT-E02
COVID-19 Testing Kit
10 Days
Certified FDA Nucleic Acid Kit
Qty Each Box Contains 600 pcs
Model GT-E05
Examination Gloves
10 Days
Certified FDA Examination Gloves (Non-Sterile) (White)
Qty 50 pairs/box
Model GT-E06
Medical Disposable Protective Coverall
7-10 Days
Certified CE FFP2 FDA APPROVED Medical Disposable Protective Coverall (White)
Qty 30 pcs in a Box
Model C-175S
Medical Goggles
7-10 Days
Certified CE, FDA Medical Goggles (Clear)
Qty 200 pcs in box
Model GT-E01
Hand Sanitizer
7-10 Days
Rinse Free Alcohol Sanitizer Gel (75% alcohol disinfectant - FDA APPROVED)
Qty One per box
Model N/A
ICU Ventilators
EC Approved
Qty 200 per week can be deployed
Model SH300
Micomme Ventilators
10 Days
Heated Humidified High Flow Nasal Cannula Oxygen Therapy Device (HFNC)
Qty 200 per week can be deployed
Model Sepray OH-70 S
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Touchless Disinfection Platform

With the idea of Social-Distancing and No-touch temperature monitoring also comes a solution for touchless disinfection- The Paerosol™ patented disinfecting platform, that can cover up to 4,000 sq FT.

The platform consists of two components – a fluid production system (FPS) and a micro-aerosol generator (MAG). The MAG aerosolizes the proprietary HOCL-based (Hypochlorus Acid) liquid, creating a light dry fog that is harmless to humans. Paerosol™ is an all-natural, micro-aerosol disinfectant which is 80 times stronger than bleach and kills 99.9999% of mold, bacteria and viruses, and requires no surface clean up after deployment.

The technology was originally developed by the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) and has been thoroughly validated to be 99.9999% effective at killing viruses, including the Swine Flu (H1N1) and Bird Flu virus (H5N1). It has also been proven to be effective on pathogens more virulent and complex than COVID-19, and has recently gone under formal testing against COVID-19. Paerosol™ was deployed and tested at Madigan Army Medical Center, and the results were 99.999% effective and showed no negative impact to interior and electronics.

  • Dry aerosol at .2-.5 microns allows it to kill mold, bacteria and viruses that are airborne and on surfaces.
  • Can be routinely applied in vacated rooms amid crowded buildings, like hospitals, school campuses, office buildings and restaurants.
  • Prevents cross contamination of occupants in confined environments.
  • Approximately 20lbs and the size of a suitcase, the unit is extremely portable & requires very little manpower to operate.
  • 99.999% effective at killing H1N1, H5N1, MRSA, Staph & most recently COVID-19
Supply Chain and Logistics Solution

Readiness is the ability to perform our COVID fighting missions everywhere, all the time is shaped by many factors. Shipcom Supply chain solution uses Predictive technologies (such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) that help predict and prevent equipment shortage for Hospitals.

Automation of processes is one of the center pieces of the Shipcom solution to increase the efficiency of all aspects of warehouse and logistics operations. Our solution ensures the safety of personnel and equipment within the warehouse and be equipped to sense potential hazards and act to mitigate them. Highlights of the Shipcom Smart Warehouse solution include:

Highlights of the Shipcom Smart Warehouse solution include
  • Expedite the unloading process
  • Expedite and provide assured accuracy of product identification
  • Expedite and provide assistance with damage and order accuracy inspections
  • Expedite and provide assured accuracy of recording receipt of items
  • Expedite and/or automate the transportation of materiel and supplies to storage location
  • Expedite and/or automate the placement of material and supplies into storage locations
  • Expedite and provide assured accuracy of recording storage location information
  • Maintain assured inventory
  • Optimize storage locations and arrangement for both compactness and readiness of access to most used items
  • Optimize storage locations and arrangement for both compactness and readiness of access to most used items
  • Expedite, optimize, and/or automate the retrieval of materiel and/or supplies from storage locations
  • Expedite, optimize, and/or automate the transportation of materiel and/or supplies from storage location to the shipping staging location
  • Expedite, optimize, and/or automate the loading of materiel and/or supplies onto the truck
  • Expedite, optimize, and/or automate the process of providing the bill of lading
  • Expedite, optimize, and/or automate the updating of the inventory management system to reflect the shipment of materiel and/or supplies
Pharma, Medical Device, Vaccines & Lab. Samples Cold Chain Solution

As temperature/humidity control in distribution becomes more important for more products, the internet of things is helping the pharmaceutical/healthcare sector improve the cost, quality and efficiency of its logistics activities especially in times of this pandemic. Our Cold Chain solution is key for the transport and storage of products that need to be kept refrigerated or frozen or at the right humidity levels. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) estimates that the industry loses product worth $2.5 billion to $12.5 billion every year as a result of problems with temperature control in transit, with half those losses occurring while shipments are in the hands of logistics providers.

Add in other costs, such as the need to make and ship replacement products and to analyze and fix the root cause of temperature deviations, and the estimated total cost to the industry approaches $35 billion.

At the core of the new approach, our solution leverages the IoT (Internet of Things) devices like temperature, humidity, and light sensors attached to refrigerated shipping containers and refrigerated vehicles to record environmental conditions inside and outside the container through every stage of a journey. GPS sensors record their precise location and Accelerometers to identify bumps and shocks.

Agility can be critical in the event of a natural disaster or supply chain disruption. It can also help companies manage longer-term shifts in the supply chain, from demand fluctuations, emergence of new products and changes to manufacturing and distribution networks.

The sensor data improves the cold chain in several ways. Most simply, sensors provide an alarm function, alerting shippers when packages are being exposed to external environmental conditions that may exceed the protective abilities of the temperature-controlled packaging in use. Ultimately, this can compromise the acceptable temperature range that the product requires to ensure quality, safety and efficacy.

It can also prevent the unnecessary destruction of potentially critical shipments. Many products can endure short periods of above-normal temperatures without adverse effects. An accurate record of temperatures over time allows companies to make informed judgements about whether a temperature excursion in transit was within acceptable limits.

More significantly, however, the data accumulated from thousands of shipments allows companies to build up a detailed picture of the environmental conditions experienced by products in different transport lanes, at different times of the year and with different carriers. With the benefit of modern computing power and analytical algorithms, companies can mine that data to spot trends and patterns that help them to improve supply chains. Companies can also incorporate data from other sources into their analysis. Our new generation supply chain risk management tools can provide information on the frequency and severity of delays and disruption experienced

on specific routes and key transport hubs. Bringing multiple sources together allows companies to make better-informed decisions that balance cost, risk and flexibility in their cold chain planning. Our solution puts the patient at the center of the healthcare supply chain by leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) that assists in making more informed decisions and gain actionable intelligence to act faster and more efficient to make decisions backed by data for the entire cold chain. We also provide a Common Operating Picture throughout the organizational hierarchy, which can boost their staff productivity and executive visibility capabilities.

Analytics and Big Data Solution for the COVID-19 Pandemic

Rapid data integration and data discovery are significant problems facing the pandemic response, both at the enterprise and tactical level. Leaders must understand multiple key factors to direct a proper response – from population movement to food scarcity. Use of multiple data sets, open source and private, can uncover virus migration through populations and track a variety of other key variables. Information is the most important asset when coordinating a response. Shipcom will take exabytes of data and distill it to provide leadership with the information they need to respond.

Human testing has demonstrated to be effective in slowing the outbreak but is limiting due to shortages of testing kits as well as dynamic human factors.

Traditional methods of discovery, coupled with the exponential growth in video and satellite derived (pixel-based) data sets, both archived and dynamic, will allow analysts additional points of discovery. This will be done through disparate sources or analysis and dissemination of exabytes of data. Shipcom’s cloud-based geospatial analytics platform solves pandemic challenges by optimizing data discovery of collected sensor data and automating the multi-modal, analytical process through machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). Our solution turns the big data problem into an opportunity and advantage. This capability serves as an enabler for a self-supporting and autonomy-heavy force of the future.

Our Analysis Engine uses configurable docker images to support a wide range of analysis, including the use of TensorFlow, Keras, Pytorch, as well as any other framework in the application of object detection and change detection at regional and global scales. The Analysis Engine provides standard interfaces and classes corresponding to geospatial vector and raster data objects as part of its machine learning suite, enabling easy training of the model based upon the properties of the vector feature object.

An analyst with basic programming skills benefits from customizable automation on any aspect of an analytical process via programmable calls to common Open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Data visualizations and model outputs can then be made available in a variety of ways to a non-programmatic analyst, a soldier in the field, or a data scientist. We also employ client facing Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to work through pandemic data sets in order to arrive at desired answers. From monitoring the virus spread to understanding food shortages, our data repository coupled with advanced analytics is highly flexible for leaders and analysts to understand how to take preemptive action.

Monitoring, Surveillance and Patient Management for the COVID-19 Pandemic
EHR of One or for the Clinic/Hospital
  • Mobile App for own personalized EHR of One, on their Smart Phone/Tablet, which can be aggregated for the Clinic/Hospital.
  • Complete possession of their medical records (COVID Test, Lab results, Prescription, Vitals etc.) and this information moves with them wherever they go.
Patient Management System
  • Clinical management, eConsent support, subject enrollment and tracking, EDC and eCRF tracking.
  • Billing and payment generation. HIPAA and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, Blockchain encryption.
Monitoring & Surveillance
  • Assist the Hospital or authority to also Monitor/Surveillance in real time
  • Monitor Analyze and Track 2019-SARS-CoV-2 with AI/machine learning.
  • Available free on App Store and Google Play Store for iPhone, Android and Tablets
  • Integration with Apple Health and Google Fit, 2019-SARS-CoV-2 testing kits.
  • Backend platform on ServiceNow
  • One button telemedicine for doctor – patient management of quarantined patients
Pandemic Control System

“Touchless” environment for enabling public access without comprising security….is the way forward

“Touchless Access Control System” using facial, thermal, and voice recognition to identify any person with symptoms as a potential risk. Provides workflow to manage risk assessment and mitigation

Risk Identification
  • Recognize face and voice
  • Thermal Scanning
Risk Accessment
  • Determine the Severity
  • Contact Tracing & Spread
  • Recommend Testing
Risk Mitigation
  • Restrict Access
  • Notify Security/ Administration
  • Notify Authorities (if Threat Confirmed)
Integration with Security Infrastructure like PKI
Supports Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to enable common access card service manager. Our leading Facial recognition & Thermal scanning-based identification & access control can augment existing access card-based control sytems.
AI/ML can also trace potential infected person and or areas, based on person’s connections within organization structure and community, work profile and role etc. Integrates with Sliding Doors and Client Access systems (through APIs)
General Services Administration:
GSA IT 70 Schedule SIN 132-56
Multiple Labor Categories
Contract Number: GS35F464DA
General Services Administration:
GSA IT 70 Schedule through Winvale
Catamaran Licenses
Contract Number: GS35F00745
Department of Navy:
Seaport - NextGen
IT services
Contract Number: N0017819D8504
Federal Emergency Management Agency:
FEMA Responder Support Camp
IT services
Contract Number: HSFE80-17-D-0009
Contract Number: 70FB8018D00000031

COVID-19 Actionable Intelligence using Big Data


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