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Visibility drives growth. Supply chain management is conducted with the goal of increasing performance by opening new markets, enhancing services to customers, and delivering execution excellence. Delivering this level of efficiency requires choosing a third-party partner who shares common ideals and a passion for supply chain. That’s where Shipcom comes in.

Shipcom’s 15 years of supply chain experience, knowledge of automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) technologies – barcodes, radio frequency identification (RFID), real-time location systems (RTLS), and GPS – and our industry leading middleware CATAMARAN® allow us to deliver relevant supply chain solutions. Our solutions help enterprises to effectively manage and improve their global supply chain and adapt to the current economic and market conditions.

In our experience, an enterprise’s need to manage the movement of material and assets across the supply chain in real-time and through various stages of ownership is the primary driving factor for requesting an automation solution. Shipcom’s use of mobile computing in automating solutions improves on ground visibility of information and assets throughout the chain. Furthermore, mobile computing positively impacts the quality of data captured, information reliability, and cycle time efficiency.

Shipcom’s solution helps enterprises generate audit trails and meet compliance. The solution bridges the gap between supplier and retailer, creating a mutually beneficial and lasting partnership.

With Shipcom’s global in-transit visibility solution, you can track ownership across geographic boundaries. Our systems are capable of integrating information from various databases and information sources including airway bills, shipping manifests, and more. It can also handle corporate and financial data and deliver financial projections and key performance indicators (KPI).

Our solution includes a robust alerting, reporting, and dashboarding functionality to ensure that actionable data is generated at both an executive and field level.  Consequently, this improves your total supply chain executions. In summary, the operational efficiency delivered by Shipcom delivers better processes and global asset visibility, reduces overstocking, cuts costs, and consolidates supplier-retailer ties.

Supply chain overview