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Warehouse and Distribution


In today’s high-speed business environment, the turnaround time on materials is of utmost importance. Operating efficiency, accurate inventory control, cost controls, and worker accountability is equally important. To ensure on-time deliveries, warehouse and distribution processes – such as inventory checks, stock transfers and purchase orders – need to be streamlined. This is where our solution can help.

Whether you use a warehouse management system, enterprise planning system, or legacy corporate system, you can reach, share, compare, relate, and integrate information across the warehouse and throughout your logistics operation with innovative solutions powered by CATAMARAN®.

Shipcom offers a comprehensive solution to improve inventory accuracy, space utilization, and labor productivity. With our RTLS solution, warehouse personnel can perform supply chain tasks in real-time within the warehouse. By communicating all instructions on handheld devices and mobile computers, your workers spend less time decoding orders from management, Warehouse personnel can scan barcodes or RFID tags from mobile devices, automating receipt, inspection, put-away, cycle counting, and management of assets within their domain. RFID tags can also be embedded in the warehouse floor to serve as markers which guide forklift operators to the specific racks where items need to collected or deposited. Shipcom’s solution delivers efficiency, expedites movement of stock, minimizes shelf life loses, and promotes on-time inventory. Real-time inventory control with synchronous online monitoring of all stock movements maximizes transparency while minimizing administration overhead.

On-demand availability of information on inventory levels, storage bins, and other resources enables better coordination and reduces flow times.  Warehouse floor managers can issue stock to work sites, search and retire stock, return equipment to vendors for repair or replacement, and manage stock hierarchies from their handheld devices.  Managers  can also oversee the timely delivery of spare parts, reduce order turnaround time, and focus on increasing customer satisfaction.

When properly utilized, the information delivered by the Shipcom solution can be the key to an efficient, effective supply/demand chain and an invaluable tool for achieving your enterprise resource planning goals. Management is able to gain real-time visibility of the entire distribution network, allowing them to improve warehousing processes and allocate resources effectively to encourage further growth.


AIT-enabled Inventory Processes:

  • Perform automated inventory checks and incremental cycle counting
  • Inventory queries
  • Vendor managed inventory
  • Picking and put away
  • Track both pick and multiple overstock locations for a product
  • Enable concurrent replenishment and picking
  • Receive and complete purchase orders
  • Return equipment to vendors for repair or replacement
  • Perform inventory audits and resolve issues based on reports generated from back-end system comparisons
  • Access and manage stock hierarchies
  • Issue stock to work sites and production floor
  • Search and retire stock
  • Transfer serialized and non-serialized stock within the warehouse
  • Packing, unpacking, and repacking
  • Inbound and outbound shipments
  • Freight loading and unloading checks
  • Mobile printing
  • Shop floor logistics
  • Replenishments
  • Collaboration with partners
  • Proactive management of exceptions and processing events


Solution Benefits

  • End-to-end visibility and chain of custody of all material and contents in containers
  • The warehouse management  system of record  will be updated with the actual quantities on hand and current location in real-time
  • Improved organization of the layout in containers and ‘directed’ placement, and consequently, improved spatial utilization
  • Improved security