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Transportation, Yard, and Logistics Management


While tracking activities within an organization may be an easy task, you have no way of knowing what’s happening beyond your four walls – so to speak – in real-time. With a large fleet of vehicles, multiple storage sites, and assets in transit, it is imperative to extend monitoring activities to cover the spectrum of operations. Shipcom can deliver the operational visibility you require.

Rising demands for the timely delivery of goods means companies must optimize their means of delivery, track high value assets in real time, and improve turnaround speed. With Shipcom’s AIDC devices and sensors, gate automation solutions can be implemented to cut down on entry  point queues and help security guards correctly identify incoming vehicles, drivers, consignment type, tonnage , etc. The security guards can then direct the vehicle drivers to the correct loading or unloading bay.

Shipcom’s CATAMARAN® middleware collects all the data on the transportation job – such as loading and arrival times – as it occurs and updates your company’s enterprise system with this new information. For example, the loading time can be recorded by scanning outbound goods, as they are loaded onto trucks. Other information – such as time of arrival at an international border or customer site – can be entered by the forwarder or the truck driver on their onboard computer or wireless device to authenticate delivery.

Shipcom’s solution streamlines long procedures that delay pickup and delivery operations, monitors operations in real-time, and enforces accountability through handheld based transactions.

AIT-enabled Transportation, Yard and Logistics Management Processes

  • Fleet tracking
  • Automated parking and door assignments in yards
  • Dynamic trailer assignments
  • Container storage management
  • Scheduling of inbound  and outbound trailers
  • Door/dock management
  • Carrier pickup management
  • Yard inventory


Solution Benefits

  • Improved fleet tracking capabilities
  • Increased yard throughput and velocity
  • Reduced driver wait times
  • Improved customer services by increasing the accuracy and number of on-time deliveries
  • Improved efficiency by reducing labor and inventory carrying costs
  • Improved efficiency for the loading, tracking, and delivery of cargo
  • Reduced cargo theft, mishandling, or expiration using improved tracking and status information
  • Improved safety by providing safe and secure freight transportation with container management solutions and electronic manifests
  • Reduced shipping bottlenecks
  • Reduced demurrage and detention expenses
  • Elimination of written paperwork and logs
  • Reduced operating costs by efficient space utilization for stowing trailers, containers and cargo
  • Improved worker safety