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Route Accounting

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For many business that are on-the-go, their activities require specialized features and reporting functions with unique mobility characteristics. Account managers need to be armed with real-time data that can seamlessly interface with back-end ERP and that contains all of the customer, product, price list, promotion, and stock transfer information. To improve business processes and expand the customer base, managers require features and functions that are designed to direct, control and automate business activities.

Shipcom presents its route accounting and van sales system as a solution.  This solution is designed to work either in an online or offline mode, so that your merchandisers can spend less time in the office and more time interacting with customers. Our CATAMARAN® system allows account managers to plan the optimal route for their merchandisers to visit customers each day.

The system operates in a connected-disconnected mode.  While in the connected mode, merchandisers can daily sync their device at the branch office so that stock transfer, promotions, and customer information is uploaded to the device. In the disconnected mode, merchandisers conduct their field activities over handheld computers, collecting  all invoices, sales, and orders that are created at the customer location. In an online mode, data can be synchronized over the air using mobile networks, GSM/GPRS.  At the end of each day, if there is no need for a real-time systems connection when the merchandiser returns to the branch to sync the device, handheld capture information is automatically uploaded onto the ERP.

As a control measure, pending invoices are also tracked, and the system does not allow sales to customers who are blocked due to non-payment.  Customers can pay cash or reduce credit from open items and are provided a printed receipt on the spot.

The Shipcom solution helps you to save time spent in reconciliation.  Accurate information is made available to the merchandiser with correct pricing and current promotion offers to up-sell and cross-sell .  It can also help in implementing standard systems and procedures to make field sales processes more efficient and error free.

AIT-enabled Route Accounting Processes

  • Online and offline process modes
  • Processes to work with customers’ master, price levels, stock, offers and promotions, and other required details from the server
  • Sales return, expiry/breakage, damage returns, adjustment of credit notes, and payment receipt
  • Return of empty containers
  • Complex schemes and promotions ported from server to route/VAN sales application
  • Application stores and handles customer specific pricing levels
  • Quick reconciliation of stock in the VAN – unsold articles, sales by customer, returns taken, adjustment made, etc.
  • Synchronization of processes with the enterprise-wide ERP system


Solution Benefits

  • Complete traceability of documents (invoices, receipts and credit notes) generated from the system
  • Only one point of data entry, which is at the point of service or sales
  • Improved service to customer using optimal routing
  • Customer’s payment history on hand
  • Increased ease of sales tracking
  • Optimized end of day settlement process
  • Immediate access to customer price level
  • Improved customer service leads to repeat business from customers