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Retail Supply Chain Management


For many retailers, supply chain management has become a daunting task. Retailers must juggle different suppliers for multiple sales channels worldwide, and the outcome can be an expansive and unwieldy application portfolio that’s difficult to use and maintain. Seeking to overcome the lack of accurate inventory information and other challenges, the retail industry is deploying automation solutions to ensure reliability in shipping and receiving operations, while simultaneously looking for opportunities to lower operating costs and increase sales.

Shipcom  provides real-time visibility and a complete item level inventory management system to streamline the supply chain from manufacturing, through the distribution center, and finally to the retail floor. Without these reliable and controllable processes, the time to process each item remains high, resulting in higher distribution costs. In delivering an end-to-end process automation, the Shipcom solution transforms store operations. Manual receipt processes that bog down the sales staff are eliminated, giving broader visibility to manage inventory and control shrinkage.

The entire AIDC infrastructure is integrated into the existing IT system through CATAMARAN®, which includes applications to seamlessly manage and monitor AIDC devices and data, allowing brands and retailers to have access to actionable information in real-time. Shipcom’s solution allows retailers to get information on shop-level inventory in an area. This helps retailers to optimize their inventory at the local distribution level and plan their retail push at a regional or global level.


AIT-enabled Retail Supply Chain Management Processes

  • Item and batch level tagging
  • Automated supply chain and logistics management  to track retail items from manufacturer or supplier to point of sale
  • Inventory management
  • Retail props management
  • Asset management
  • Smart shelves
  • Security, theft, and loss prevention
  • Smart carts and self-checkout kiosks
  • Product authentication
  • Warehouse management
  • Automated product level reporting and replenishment
  • Retail item tracking between point of manufacture or purchase and point of sale
  • Automated product replenishment


Solution Benefits

  • Reduced processing costs (20-25% per item)
  • Improved sales and store turnover (8-12%)
  • Decreased ‘out-of-stock’ condition (50-75%)
  • Automated daily inventory tracking with 99 -100% accuracy
  • Reduced inventory shrinkage
  • Increased customer satisfaction due to automated checkouts
  • Automated reporting capabilities to compare ratio between products tried versus sold
  • Streamlined recall process
  • Increased order fill rate and accuracy