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In the globalizing manufacturing environment, your company’s supply chain could face multiple threats. Issues arising out of quality, efficiency, competition, and supply chain interruptions can disrupt your business. Attempting to match these issues with ERP systems using production scheduling and requirements planning software can lead you to overlook the true solution your company requires. Without accurate data, these systems produce erroneous reports that can lead to inefficient asset, machine, or production utilization; higher production costs; delayed deliveries; and inferior customer service.

Shipcom’s standards-based solutions can ensure that these scheduling and tracking tools deliver bottom-line benefits for the business processes. For example, managers and manufacturing employees can view work instructions on their handheld devices anywhere on the factory floor. They can confirm task completion and collect data – such as output quantities, containers, or batches – using a barcode or RFID scanner. Supervisors can monitor production line behavior on the spot via their handheld device.  Mobile data entries can trigger notifications and follow-up activities to keep production rolling and allow mangers to proactively take action based on actual data that is harnessed in real-time.

Shipcom’s automation processes deliver on LEAN manufacturing, on-time delivery, and flexible manufacturing. Shipcom can streamline your manufacturing operations, cut costs to meet financial targets, deliver a consistent level of quality, and optimize the working environment and customer service. Our solution offers top level executives to see the impact of their decisions on the floor level in real-time, so that they can take better informed decisions and drive growth.

AIT-enabled Manufacturing Processes

  • Production line execution
  • Resource planning
  • Product history tracking and provenance
  • Inventory management
  • Performance analysis
  • Equipment tracking
  • Preventive maintenance on equipment
  • Labor tracking and productivity
  • Worker safety
  • Linking labor and equipment
  • Work instructions
  • Product recalls and returns
  • Failure analysis


Solution Benefits

  • Bird’s-eye view of all manufacturing facilities and assembly areas
  • Location tracking of materials and parts throughout yards, warehouses, and production processes
  • Shortened manufacturing cycle
  • Increased efficiency with fewer people searching for and expediting parts
  • Synchronize and track parts and materials delivery, movement and consumption for tighter inventory accuracy and better cost control.
  • Track and report on project status for better on-time completion and progress/milestone billing.
  • Quick and easy data collection
  • Easy access to materials, parts, quality, provenance, and other information required for compliance reporting
  • Improved quality control
  • Improved worker safety
  • Improved labor productivity