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Integrated Supply Chain Management


Intense competition, globalization, short product life cycles, and pressure from shareholders are forcing companies to remain agile and relentlessly focused on efficiency.  Many companies are finding that the traditional supply chain does not move with the necessary speed or precision. Their respective supply chain networks are strained in an attempt to satisfy the changing customer needs. A critical requirement is real-time broad visibility that lets them see the entire supply chain network anytime, anywhere.  You must be able to monitor the full scope of supply chain processes and inventory at rest and automatically update plans and schedules based on new circumstances; and you must be able to track supply chain network events in order to quickly resolve bottlenecks and delays.

Shipcom has 15 years of supply chain management experience and our CATAMARAN®-based solution is exactly what you need to create and manage a sophisticated supply chain.

Solution Benefits

• 25-50% reduction in total supply chain costs

• 25-60% reduction in inventory holding costs

• 30-50% improvement in cycle times


Shipcom’s integrated supply chain management systems have helped companies drastically reduce lead times, order fulfillment time, and inventory-carrying and transportation costs, all while increasing forecast accuracy. Our integrated solution facilitates interactions with partners and customers, enabling greater responsiveness to shifting priorities. By providing any place and anytime access to real-time data via mobile devices, your organization can become even more efficient and responsive.

Shipcom’s standards-based middleware, CATAMARAN®, ties into the existing information/ERP systems in order to deliver  critical and innovative functionality, technologies, and capabilities that extend your enterprise visibility.  CATAMARAN® allows you to  effectively manage increasingly sophisticated supply chains by integrating mobile devices, barcodes, RFID, RTLS, Sensors, and GPS into your information/ERP systems, which in turn allows you to deliver more effective processes, end user accountability, and broader savings opportunities.

From a user perspective, the Shipcom solution provides a convenient, time saving, and highly accurate means of capturing data on movements of goods and other events. It simplifies checking and monitoring tasks and provides up-to-date information on process status, enabling users to react swiftly to unforeseen events.

Our supply chain event management capabilities allow you to plan your supply chain, monitor events, and receive alerts. CATAMARAN® constantly tracks supply chain events – the relevant milestones of a process, such as advanced shipping notices or the arrival of a truck – and alerts you to exceptions in plans or schedules.  The “alert” system can be calibrated to inform managers in the event of an anomaly and programmed to automatically escalate whenever there is no appropriate action being taken.

As a real-time implementation, the Shipcom solution enables you to spot potential bottlenecks before they occur. It shows you whether resources are being used to capacity or under-utilized. The supervisor can reassign personnel. New instructions can then be displayed on the mobile devices of the reassigned employees. Warehouse activity and pick order completion status may be monitored,  Using all of these capabilities, you can intervene proactively to fix problems, minimize delays, and optimize resource handling processes in order to increase profitability.

A highly transparent supply network gives you significant advantages. For example, you can provide value added services – such as order tracking – that set you apart from competitors. The Shipcom solution enables all parties to see what is happening and respond quickly to contingencies, thereby minimizing delays. The data gathered using mobile devices sheds light on activities across the supply network, and this data can be leveraged to significantly enhance your analysis capabilities.  The Shipcom solution makes it easier to pinpoint and correct the root cause of delays, bottlenecks, and other glitches. The solution can be extended to help you track the performance of forwarders and other business partners, which improves logistics processes.

CATAMARAN® is capable of interacting with multiple databases. Consequently, when shipment orders are created and tendered to a selected freight forwarder, the forwarder can access the CATAMARAN® application from any web-enabled device or computer terminal.  Furthermore, the forwarder can accept, reject, or modify the planned shipment order. This information is automatically fed into your company database/ERP system. If the forwarder rejects or does not reply within the expected time frame, CATAMARAN® sends an alert to the logistics manager – which can be delivered to their mobile device – so that they can find an alternate company to fulfill their orders.

Finally our solution helps present your supply chain performance in dashboards and reports. From here you can track exceptions, identify trends, and benchmark your results against best practices. You can analyze performance to evaluate various responses to problems and guide continuous improvement efforts over time.  Furthermore, you can use ready-made collaboration performance indicators, such as order fulfillment cycles or customer service response times, to measure the quality of collaboration in the network.

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