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Warnleuchte Warning lightAsset Management

Companies rely on critical and expensive assets to drive their businesses.  Asset movement is sometimes unplanned and ad hoc, which creates problems in finding, managing, and maintaining them. The need to track these assets in real-time and ensure their continued operation is imperative… Read More


Field Service Management


Field service is a difficult job in which workers must be able to perform their tasks in demanding conditions and with a  high level of precision. With Shipcom’s technology advantage, our mobility solutions, and  AIDC technologies implementation, companies can enhance the value of their field technicians by providing them with the timely information, parts, and tools they need to perform the job… Read More


Integrated Supply Chain Managementshutterstock_83741023

Intense competition, globalization, short product life cycles, and pressure from shareholders are forcing companies to remain agile and relentlessly focused on efficiency.  Many companies are finding that the traditional supply chain does not move with the necessary speed or precision. Their respective supply chain networks are strained in an attempt to satisfy the changing customer needs… Read More


Maintenance, Repair, & OverhauliStock_000006378656Medium

Maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) plays an invaluable role in assuring that companies remain safe, durable, and profitable.  Hence, processes must evolve to meet requirements. To improve processes and turnaround time, there is an immediate need to have mission critical data from which MRO actions can be planned…. Read More



In the globalizing manufacturing environment, your company’s supply chain could face multiple threats. Issues arising out of quality, efficiency, competition, and supply chain interruptions can disrupt your business. Attempting to match these issues with ERP systems using production scheduling and requirements planning software can lead you to overlook the true solution your company requires… Read More


Retail Supply Chain ManagementiStock_000002944701Small

For many retailers, supply chain management has become a daunting task. Retailers must juggle different suppliers for multiple sales channels worldwide, and the outcome can be an expansive and unwieldy application portfolio that’s difficult to use and maintain. .. Read More



Route AccountingMacro view of smartphone scanning QR code for shopping

For many business that are on-the-go, their activities require specialized features and reporting functions with unique mobility characteristics. Account managers need to be armed with real-time data that can seamlessly interface with back-end ERP and that contains all of the customer, product, price list, promotion, and stock transfer information… Read More




As businesses seek to increase bottom-line costs, they enhance supplier relationships and make procurement a more strategic focus in the organization. In implementing this strategic approach, organizations are continually faced with the challenge of managing the ‘people’ part of the equation. Relationship management affects all areas of the supply chain and has a dramatic impact on performance… Read More


Transportation, Logistics and Yard ManagementiStock_000016246401Small

While tracking activities within an organization may be an easy task, you have no way of knowing what’s happening beyond your four walls – so to speak – in real-time. With a large fleet of vehicles, multiple storage sites, and assets in transit, it is imperative to extend monitoring activities to cover the spectrum of operations. Shipcom can deliver the operational visibility you require… Read More


Warehouse and Distribution


In today’s high-speed business environment, the turnaround time on materials is of utmost importance. Operating efficiency, accurate inventory control, cost controls, and worker accountability is equally important. To ensure on-time deliveries, warehouse and distribution processes – such as inventory checks, stock transfers and purchase orders – need to be streamlined. This is where our solution can help… Read More