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‘Hospitals misplace or lose  an estimated $75-150 million of medical equipment annually, wasting staff and patient time and incurring costly replacement charges.’ – Frost & Sullivan

Improving the healthcare experience for patients and staff

If your healthcare mission is to deliver quality patient care and a safe work environment, then  you need Shipcom’s healthcare solutions. Shipcom’s experts are industry leaders, and their knowledge of healthcare processes is deeply embedded  in our IT solutions.  Shipcom’s cutting-edge healthcare solutions deliver pinpoint real-time location information to help track equipment, supplies and other assets in a timely manner. Shipcom’s ability to study the interactions between hospital staff and their trade tools has allowed:

  • Emergency department nurses to instantly find the correct infusion pump needed for a patient
  • Clinical engineers to save hours otherwise spent locating equipment needed for preventive maintenance
  • A surgical team to start a procedure on time with all required devices in place

Quality, quantity and capability

Shipcom has been implementing automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) solutions since 1997.  Shipcom’s standards-based solution, CATAMARAN®,  leverages our company’s broad healthcare industry experience.  CATAMARAN® can provide you with essential dashboards, continuous situational awareness with integrated real-time location systems (RTLS), mobility and other AIDC technologies for workflow management. Shipcom staff can expertly identify patient safety solutions in addition to leveraging RTLS/RFID for the most common hospital asset-tracking solutions. Shipcom’s primary goal is to improve the quality of patient care while simultaneously reducing operating costs.  We achieve this goal by:

  • Reducing inventory
  • Improving asset availability
  • Automating inventory
  • Reducing equipment shrinkage and loss
  • Decreasing capital and operating expenditures
  • Improving the efficiency and safety of patient care through successful recall management and timely equipment maintenance
  • Increasing staff productivity and efficiency and workflow by reducing search and wait times for ordered equipment
  • Reducing over-purchasing and equipment rental costs
  • Increasing equipment utilization
  • Improving regulatory compliance through higher levels of on-time completion of equipment maintenance

Meeting the challenges of delivering cost-effective and accountable care

Shipcom understands that hospitals can remain competitive by improving productivity and providing the highest quality patient care. In this challenging environment hospitals face:

  • Increasing competition
  • Complex federal and state regulatory guidance
  • Declining reimbursements
  • Complying with Joint-Commission mandates

Why AIDC is so critical?

From the C-level on down, hospital staff members are responsible for effective utilization of all hospital resources.  AIDC:

  • Provides actionable intelligence through real-time visibility of assets, clinical processes, inventory, and people
  • Eliminates staff involvement for data collection and analysis
  • Provides automated real-time tracking & monitoring for inventory management and workflow process improvement
  • Improves asset management by minimizing shrinkage and waste as well as maintaining accurate inventory
  • Initiates alerts and notifications
  • Enables dashboards and reporting
  • Creates business intelligence

Shipcom applications

a/Care – Asset management

Wireless, real-time tracking helps healthcare organizations gain greater control of their mobile assets. Shipcom’s asset management solution helps you deliver the quality and efficiency of care your organization strives for.

  • Location/Tracking
  • Utilization/Par levels
  • Inventory management
  • Recall management

e/Care – Environmental Management

Control of the elements is essential in a care-providing environment. With Shipcom’s environmental management solution, customers can leverage the wireless network to monitor refrigerators and freezers, and ensure that certain items like vaccines, pharmaceuticals, organs, blood bags and patient test results remain at the proper temperature at all times.

  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Humidity Monitoring

 s/Care – Sterile processing department (SPD)

 Devices like surgical instrumentation trays and container systems are critical to patient care and designed for reuse after cleaning and sterilization. The hospital’s sterile processing department has to be able to search for each individual piece of equipment and keep track of its status.

  • Instrument tracking
  • Tray assembly
  • Tray/Case cart management

c/Care – Cardiac Cath lab

Shipcom provides a solution designed around closed cabinets and smart inventory control.  Our system automatically tracks inventory in the cabinet – when an item is removed and at what time – in a secure manner.

  • Inventory management

Showcasing the integration capabilities offered by the Shipcom healthcare solution

Intelligent Hospital