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Safety and Compliance


Every healthcare facility must continuously maintain the highest standards of hygiene and efficiency.  Therefore, an effective healthcare system should provide command capability and an accurate description of available staff and equipment; allow for collection of relevant data and organization of trends in dashboards and reports; and preemptively send out alerts before  crises emerge.  Shipcom’s healthcare solution provides you with all of these capabilities and more.

The availability of reusable healthcare assets is critical to the quality of patient care and impacts patient turnaround. Shipcom uses RTLS to automate compliance across the facility by tracking mobile assets throughout their utilization cycles. Our solution manages every asset in real-time, addressing safety, quality, compliance, and any other question that may arise regarding their status. For example:

  • On a given day, how many IV pumps in a hospital meet cleanliness standards?

  • How many IV pumps are up-to-date with scheduled maintenance?

In many hospitals, the latter number is distressingly low. But with Shipcom’s solution, healthcare establishments can more easily satisfy compliance requirements, meet their audit needs, reduce human error, close gaps, and reduce costs. The system can monitor and ensure compliance in cleaning protocols; send alerts for preventive maintenance due dates; and track all maintenance, service, and repair operations.

In consigning Shipcom for any of our healthcare solutions, a healthcare organization commits to incorporating quality, safety, and accountability as pillars of its healthcare philosophy.