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Patient Containment

iStock_000001329263SmallHospitals contain many high value assets and special care patients who must be monitored.  Often, staff and patients need to have their information catalogued and authorization levels assigned. The Shipcom solution deploys RTLS to provide a powerful layer of security by limiting asset access and keeping staff and patients within specific zones, barring entry into unauthorized areas.

The Shipcom solution can be used for any patient who may present a flight risk. RTLS systems can prevent child abduction from neonatal ICU or track dementia patients who must be confined to specific areas of the hospital.

Location services have an important role to play in augmenting network access security and ensuring HIPAA compliance at all times. Shipcom’s enterprise-wide RTLS makes it possible for hospital IT staff to restrict patient and guest network access to specific areas of each building and to lockdown network access from outside the building, with exceptions for specific clinical staff and select applications such as voice. Our RTLS system also limits staff access to designated areas, and the collection of historical movement data ensures equipment and staff accountability, both of which helps hospitals to meet the necessary security provisions.