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Environment Monitoring

freeimage-1900131In healthcare facilities, temperature and humidity are critical control factors that influence the quality of patient care; pharmaceuticals, tissues, organs, blood, and other temperature sensitive items  must be stored at correct conditions of temperature and humidity to maintain their viability.  Shipcom’s real-time wireless temperature and humidity monitoring solution ensures that the conditions will remain within prescribed ranges. The Shipcom temperature monitoring solution provides an automated means for measuring, monitoring, and managing processes for which specific temperature ranges are required.

Shipcom’s unique Wi-Fi solution utilizes a healthcare facility’s existing network infrastructure to monitor and automatically send alerts when the temperature in a monitored storage unit – such as a freezer, refrigerator, or even an oven – departs from a preset high- or low-level limit. The CATAMARAN® system presents all the collected temperature and humidity data in the form of historical reports and real-time dashboard views.

This real-time monitoring of temperature data from refrigerators and freezers is an important compliance measure which our solution delivers. The solution may be extended to monitor temperature and humidity settings in critical departments, such as the ICU or OR.