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Asset ManagementPicture of medical monitors inside the ICU

Most hospitals have a critical need to classifying assets and people so that they can be monitored across the organization. A solution requires an advanced approach than simply finding an asset by assumptions. As it happens, most Mobile assets like IV pumps, wheelchairs, and telemetry units routinely get lost in the system. With CATAMARAN®, each piece of equipment has a real-time location system (RTLS) tag that communicates with a central visualization system…Read More

Environmental Monitoring


Shipcom’s real-time location wireless environmental monitoring ensures the proper storage of critical assets. The proper storage of pharmaceutical items, tissues, organs, blood, and others at specific temperatures in hospitals is a requirement for patient safety and maintaining an acceptable level of quality of care. The Shipcom environmental monitoring solution provides an automated way to measure, monitor and manage processes where consistent or certain temperature ranges are required…Read More


Inventory ManagementiStock_000015452281Medium

Also, because hospitals can’t locate their mobile assets, they buy, lease, or rent more to ensure availability for patients. Often, these units get swallowed up in the system too. CATAMARAN® breaks this costly cycle, enabling hospitals to use less equipment more efficiently. We typically see savings by reducing rentals, terminating leases, decreasing maintenance costs, and avoiding unnecessary capital expenditure during their next pump purchase…Read More



Location Tracking

The Shipcom solution can be used to pinpoint the exact location of equipment and people within an organization, and to track tagged assets in real time. In a hospital, this might involve locating the exact whereabouts of expensive, mission-critical medical equipment to eliminate delays in the moment of need. An instant assessment of critical equipment and personnel locations is also possible using our solution…Read More



Patient Elopement

Once physical and people assets are tracked and catalogued, and authorization levels assigned, RTLS can also provide a powerful layer of security by ensuring that tagged equipment is in specific locations and is not moved into unauthorized areas or outside the hospital. RTLS is no longer limited to preventing child abduction from neonatal ICU. It can be used for any “at risk” patients. For example dementia patients can also be tagged and monitored to make sure they remain in specific locations, and don’t wander off…Read More


Safety and ComplianceA

On any given day, how many IV pumps in a hospital meet cleanliness standards? How many are up-to-date with scheduled maintenance?  In many hospitals, the number is distressingly low. RTLS can help automate better compliance by tracking these mobile assets throughout their utilization cycles. The system can monitor compliance with cleaning protocols, send alerts for preventive maintenance due dates, and track all repairs…Read More