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Warehouse Management


Shipcom’s solution supports the automation of warehouse management logistics nodes with manufacturers and suppliers for defense distribution centers, as well as stock replenishment using barcode, RFID, and RTLS technologies. The need to manage the movement of material across the streamlined manufacturing supply chain and through various stages of ownership is a primary determining factor for our solution.   Collecting, managing, and interpreting this movement and securely handling the inventory are the fundamental processes necessary to achieve end-to-end management of the DoD supply chain.

When mobility is extended throughout the warehouse, a new level of efficiency, accuracy, and visibility is achievable. Paper processes are replaced by real-time computerized forms on mobile computers; bar code scanning enables checks and double checks that the right item is being picked, packed, and shipped; and RFID provides automatic tracking of materials without human intervention.

Our solution offers cost-efficient management by providing a centralized command center that significantly reduces the time and effort required to provision, monitor, troubleshoot, and update your mobile devices and infrastructure, regardless of where they are located. Support for all the latest security protocols and an end-to-end layered strategy enables you to deploy the right level of security for various applications throughout your enterprise.