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Shipcom provides the automated end-to-end visibility needed to streamline every day tracking of materials, equipment, and personnel within the energy industry. From off shore oil rigs to the plant, Shipcom gives companies a suite of tools to maximize uptime, respond faster to day-to-day business needs, restore production quickly in the event of an incident, and better protect employees.

In an industry where enormous revenue potential comes with a hefty price tag, the search for effective ways to improve operational efficiencies is ongoing. Shipcom prides itself in promoting a technology agnostic and holistic approach to address unique challenges faced in every facet of the energy industry. We provide:

  • Automated end-to-end visibility to streamline the tracking of material, assets, and personnel
  • Assurance that processes meet safety and audit reporting requirements
  • Adherence to inspection and maintenance protocols for mission critical assets
  • Improved supply chain efficiencies
  • Enhanced product delivery, handling, and storage
  • Tracking to protect and respond to emergencies that threaten remote workers in hazardous environment
  • Maximization of uptime, utilization, and productivity

Our solution can give users in the energy industry the information that can fuel efficient production and maintenance processes, and the control to protect safety in remote and hazardous locations.

Shipcom’s Global Oil and Gas Implementations

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