Nuclear plant builder that uses an ERP-enabled mobility solution in order to manage their supply chain.

Advance weapons and space systems company that uses a mobility solution to track and locate parts in their Clearfield manufacturing facility.

ERP-enabled mobile field service application.

Mobility solution that spans multiple warehouses in Australia and connects to ERP via interfaces to material handling systems.

RFID project in conjunction with the traveling “Athletes Village of the Future” to support Bell Canada’s bid for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.

Transitioned to an ERP-enabled handheld computers after initially using a Legacy AS 400 warehouse management system.

Turnkey RFID projects for intra-warehouse retailer mandates for the manufacturer of “Pine Logs”.

Garage door manufacturer that uses mobile computers in multiple locations to track goods movement connected to Oracle 11i application.

German glass door manufacturer that uses mobile computers to track ERP-enabled inventory.

The company healthcare division's Ireland, Norway, and US warehouses use ERP-enabled mobile computers.

Turnkey RFID project for intra-warehouse retailer mandates maintains back-end connectivity to ERP.

RFID compliance for retailer mandates with an interfaces to WMS, MES, and material handling systems.

Tracking of silicon wafer chips in high value “pizza boxes” within their warehouse via ERP connectivity.

German building systems fabricator that uses ERP-enabled mobile computers in their warehouses.

ERP-enabled mobility solution that spans multiple warehouses in the US.

“Project Paperless” -  a lean manufacturing solution with deep integration for which ERP provides instant inventory visibility.

RFID project for retailer mandates within the warehouse with back end connectivity to Provia software.

RFID Compliance for retailer mandates at MGA's distribution facility at Montebello, CA.

Utilities company that uses mobile computers to track materials in over 30 warehouses  that connect to ERP.

Automation of warehouses in US and Hong Kong using handheld computers with connectivity to ERP.

Multiple warehouse and manufacturing locations of Philips consumer electronics use mobile computers that connect to ERP systems.

Media solutions company uses mobile computers to track publications that connect to ERP.

Enterprise-wide RFID solution spanning six sites in the US.

Employs RFID technology to track customer movement and product preferences at the “Samsung Experience” location in the Time Warner Center, NY.

Utilities industry mobility solution spanning 13 locations in the US that connects to ERP.

Mobility solution to track inventory connected to SAP.

Jewelry manufacturer using mobile computers with connectivity to Oracle 11i application.

RFID project for retailer mandates with deep integration across multiple manufacturing lines and warehouses with back end connectivity to JD Edwards software.

Mobility solution spanning multiple warehouses and production floors in the US and Ireland that connects to ERP.