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Shipcom offers a broad array of solutions in numerous industries to address critical business problems. Our solution is a fully integrated, highly scalable, and high performance framework that delivers unsurpassed visibility throughout the enterprise by simultaneously leveraging multiple technologies.

Whether you’re a hospital administrator planning to track and improve medical equipment utilization and patient flow, a manufacturer trying to streamline production processes and improve worker safety, or an energy company facing its strongest set of challenges in terms of risk and compliance regulations, Shipcom offers a scalable solution to meet your enterprise-wide needs.


Shipcom can help you meet the challenges of delivering cost-effective and accountable care. Shipcom understands that hospitals can remain competitive by improving productivity and continuously focusing on providing the highest quality patient care. 


Shipcom’s Automatic Identification Technologies (AIT) provide supply chain enterprise solutions to improve visibility of information and assets throughout the DOD supply chain including quality of data, accuracy, and efficiency cycle times.


Shipcom Technology has proven that in the most demanding environments, it can improve uptime, safety, and inventory levels. Shipcom enables almost foolproof accountability to safeguard assets and boost production uptime.

Supply Chain

A smart supply chain enabled with AIT improves visibility of information and assets throughout the chain including quality of data, accuracy, and efficiency cycle times.

Shipcom’s Solution Advantages



Ability to integrate with devices Integrates with devices directly. Does not need device management software to integrate with RFID devices.
Application Development on the devices CATAMARAN® development studio generates client software on the mobile/RFID readers to collect data
Communication Method CATAMARAN® uses both Push and Pull methods to collect data thus allowing real-time process management.
RFID Scenario Configuration CATAMARAN® provides a rich set of wizards to configure different RFID process scenarios with easy to use toolkit. Very quickly achieved
Field Device Integration CATAMARAN® provides support to read from non RFID device like photo sensors to create events to trigger RFID reads. Very solid integration within the platform for Sensors and Program Logic controllers.
Ability to work in disconnected mode CATAMARAN® provides high level of support for operating in disconnected mode. You can store enterprise data on CATAMARAN® (like PO etc) to validate and collect RFID data
Process Orchestration Provides a full integration with fixed and mobile RFID readers, active and passive RFID tags, handheld devices, printers
Process Scenarios Implemented many processes that use RFID technology in receiving, warehousing, shipping, consignment inventory, asset management, sales management and service management
Integration with Backend systems Can integrate using diverse methods like Web services, low end connectors to systems, Data bases, FTP, Webservices, API’s etc
Custom development of new process scenarios Very quick deployment time with CATAMARAN’s® Rapid Development Engine
Support for RTLS and Active RFID Integration to RTLS and Active RFID Systems in the same platform. Able to get the data on the Mobile Device