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Software Architecture

CATAMARAN Architecture

Based on Microsoft technology, CATAMARAN’s® production environment includes the CATAMARAN® engine, dynamic connectors, an administration interface, and RFID and automatic data collection services.

catamaran architecture


The CATAMARAN® engine is responsible for the execution of business events generated from various sources such as the RFID and automatic data collection services as well as the events triggered during the execution of process workflow. The CATAMARAN® engine includes a mechanism for business contextual data filtering, validation, and aggregation. It also conforms to the ALE interface, which facilitates interoperability with other compliant applications

Dynamic Connectors/Integration Services

CATAMARAN® uses a dynamic mechanism of connecting and interacting with several enterprise systems. The dynamic nature of the integration is an enhancement over competitors in that the interface provides powerful tools to send and extract data to and from various enterprise systems using a common methodology. CATAMARAN® also interfaces directly with MS-SQL, Oracle and other relational database management systems, as well as standards-based connectors such as FTP and web services.

Fast and Scalable Platform

CATAMARAN® is the most scalable RFID middleware/Edgeware combination in the market today. Since we process tag reads in an in-memory database, the solution can be scaled very quickly. Furthermore, CATAMARAN® has a distributed architecture where all agents are Windows services which can be distributed across different hardware sets. By using an enterprise and edge server architecture concept, we are able to load balance depending on the business workflow. We also support standard clustering and fault-tolerant environments.

Rapid Development Environment

Shipcom’s CATAMARAN® is a completely configurable rapid deployment environment (RDE), which enables rapid development, testing, refinement, and deployment of mission-critical RFID solutions.