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Professional Services


Installation and project planning

Your operational goals and performance objectives are unlike any other. Shipcom knows that in order to help you achieve success you need an objective analysis of your individual requirements and an optimal solution that gives you the competitive advantage. Whether it is a new RFID integration or an upgrade in solution, Shipcom has the expertise to help you achieve your unique goals, regardless of your existing infrastructure.

Shipcom’s project managers and engineers have more than fifteen years of experience in RFID equipment, systems integration, and project planning. As your single point of contact for providing solutions, procurement, implementation, and commissioning, we can supply, integrate, and commission 100% of your RFID solutions needs. This will reduce the number of vendors and interfaces that you have to manage. From pre-sales to actual implementation, our project management team will handle all aspects required for a successful solution roll-out. Our consultants will work directly with our own team of engineers along with your project team to develop a comprehensive scope of work.

Deployment and project planning

  • Project management and systems integration planning

  • Hosted project management tools and reporting

  • Dedicated project management and implementation team

  • Deployment strategy and IT integration

Services offered

  • Prepare a project assessment based on existing and future  requirements

  • Review and examine existing business workflows and recommended improvements

  • Deploy the recommendation applications optimized for each particular customer

  • Conduct post-implementation and customer satisfaction reviews

Training and support services


Improve your company’s performance and employees’ job skills by taking advantage of Shipcom’s comprehensive training programs. Whether training takes place in our facility or yours, Shipcom offers top value training sessions and instruction to your current or potential employees. Shipcom is committed to helping your employees to develop a variety of skill sets applicable throughout the entire international oil and gas marketplace.


  • Flexible training class quantities

  • Onsite and web-based training options

  • Large conference and training room facilities

  • Training materials and computer equipment provided


Shipcom’s main objective is to deliver the highest quality of support in the industry. In order to accomplish this, Shipcom offers a wide variety of software and field support resources to help customers receive the answers and solutions they need.


  • 24 hour phone support

  • Email and chat support

  • Support level agreements

Customer care portal

Shipcom offers customers access to our Customer Care support portal designed to help, manage, and track incidents and requests. The Customer Care Portal affords customers the abilities to receive automatic notifications and alerts regarding the status of their request, to update a request, and much more.

The Customer Care portal also gives customers access to our product and software knowledge base, including  product installation guides and user manuals that are available for download.


  • Online incident management

  • Submit, view, and track requests

  • Alert and notification capabilities

  • Access to knowledge base and product release documents

  • Access to product guides and user manuals

Software services

Shipcom’s Software Services division provides customers with the required software expertise to create and deploy quality solutions that will improve business operations and workflows. Our software engineers and architects strive to deliver world class software solutions based on the customer’s requirements and desired results.


  • Application development utilizing Microsoft .Net Framework, Java, C++ and Python

  • Database design and management utilizing Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL technologies

  • Mobile application design for Microsoft Windows Mobile and Android Operating System

  • Software life cycle management and best practices

  • Application deployment and delivery services

  • ERP integration and support for SAP, Oracle, Maximo and third parties

Custom RFID solutions

Shipcom’s staff of RFID specialists can help you develop your radio frequency identification strategy and implement it for better asset management. RFID system designs require tags, handheld readers, application software, and wireless communication capabilities. Shipcom’s team of engineers can design specialized tags, readers, and installation specifications to meet your unique needs. Our software developers and support personnel can help you tailor the software to meet your needs, including integration with existing third party applications. Our experienced staff can also assist in the evaluation and recommendation of hardware to deliver a complete RFID solution.


  • Ultra high frequency (UHF), high frequency (HF), low frequency (LF), and active RFID technologies

  • Integration of sensor applications

  • RFID reader systems and antenna design

  • Certified mobile computer systems and peripherals

  • High pressure/high temperature (HPHT) design validation

  • Finite element analysis (FEA)