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Shipcom’s CATAMARAN® is a unified platform with a stable and scalable architecture for mobility, barcode, RFID, GPS, GPRS, RTLS, etc., and a simple architecture that adheres to SOA.  Additionally, CATAMARAN® does not require multiple technology stacks and layers.

CATAMARAN® is the industry’s leading mobile rules engine and possesses a rapid development environment with a business logic builder; reusable objects and wizards; and drag and drop screen development.  This range of capabilities is not available in other development frameworks that are also required to perform coding using Java, C++ or scripting.  CATAMARAN® allows for the configuration of complex business transactions with consistent use of wizards and intuitive integrated development environments.

CATAMARAN® has the best offline architecture in the industry and the fastest mobility engine in terms of response times.

CATAMARAN® is device and back-end agnostic and  supports diverse device operating systems, form factors, and WLAN/WWAN networks while simultaneously providing access to multiple back-end systems to build composite applications. The business logic, database, and back end integration are developed independent of the device;  as a result, multiple devices can leverage the same business logic and integration.


Shipcom’s Business Value Framework

Visibility into integrated business processes to enhance service offerings

business value framework

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The Shipcom Competitive Edge

  • Signature capture
  • Bluetooth/remote printing
  • Encryption
  • Role- and rule-based synchronization
  • Conflict resolution and management
  • Audit trail (track and trace)
  • Reports in different formats
  • Online and offline email integration initiation
  • Always/sometimes disconnected
  • Device agnostic
  • Device migration path
  • Multi-language
  • Heterogeneous back-end systems
  • Smart and intuitive memory management for remote and wireless devices
  • Data throughput
  • Stateless connectivity