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Products and Services

Shipcom has earned an industry-wide reputation for its expertise in creating software solutions that connect multiple front end devices to back end ERP systems, particularly those from Oracle – including Siebel, PeopleSoft, and JD Edwards – SAP, IBM, and Microsoft by using a process engine known as CATAMARAN®.  CATAMARAN®,  Shipcom’s proprietary middleware, connects data capture devices to ERP systems, providing real time data presentation and dashboards that give tactical and executive views of actual operational key performance indicators (KPI).

The software solutions also includes reusable application libraries and more than 100 user-friendly development tools, which are the product of fifteen years of automation experience, that enable Shipcom to quickly and easily tailor the CATAMARAN® platform to each customer’s specific needs.

To ensure optimum performance, Shipcom also offers a full range of professional services that will support the successful implementation of your enterprise-wide solution. From project planning to delivery, system operations to end user support, Shipcom delivers the highest standards of services and systems.

Shipcom has maintained long-standing partnerships with the leading technology companies around the world. These partnerships have yielded, and continue to do so,  many innovative solutions under the  CATAMARAN® process engine, earning Shipcom a sterling reputation across all operational sectors.